GSTgear News and Updates

GSTgear has now launched this page so we can keep everyone informed about news and other updates.


28.November 2022:
Production is now underway and the first customers will receive their GSTgear camping stoves and accessories in December.
GSTgear will start compensating customers who did not receive goods from the company Gstove that sold our designs previously, so it is very likely that each delivery will sell out quickly in the future, we will therefore open for pre-purchases in mid-December so that everyone has the opportunity to purchase and receive a GSTgear camping stove.
25 November 2022:
GSTgear is now working to get production of upgraded stoves and accessory products up and running in Europe.
GSTgear's stove/accessory designs have previously been sold under the trademark Gstove through another company, but these products and future ones will in future be delivered in upgraded versions under the GSTgear trademark.