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What is happening forward in GSTgear


Many are wondering why products is not available yet and regarding compensations so we will add a little more information on that progress and road forward and keep you updated here as we move forward. As GSTgear and GST Global is new companies it starts with limited...

New Webshop for GSTgear


New Webshop for GSTgear - We are currently adding products! In today's digital age, the convenience and accessibility of online shopping have become paramount for consumers worldwide. Embracing this trend, GSTgear, a provider of high-quality outdoor goods and...

2 companies behind GSTgear


Gstgear has 2 companies behind it and same owners, but with different responsibility. GSTgear AS: The main focus on GSTgear AS company as the owner of Gstove trademark is following: Keep track on Gstove compensations after Gstove company went bankrupt in 2022 to ensure...

To be released explained by GSTgear


GSTgear work on many products at the same time that is in different stages from drawing board to testing, production to release. In the meny "To be released" we add the products that is finished in design and first tests. When products is listed as to be released the...

Gstove compensation by GSTgear


Gstove AS company had problems with delivery over a long time that grew due to high cost of running because of fast growth, then challenges with Covid, increased freight costs on import and export, then steel prices went up and electricity cost in Norway and sales to business...